8 Amazing Strategies for an Impactful Business School Essay

Writing a great business essay is crucial for applying to business school. However, writing business school essays is often tricky because of the tone and code of language followed in business articles. Cathy Rusinko, professor of management at Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Business, says, “Every discipline has a language. Business Performance skills are the language of business”.


Essay writing for a business school has some key traits and techniques you can quickly learn and apply. Once you know these tricks and the fundamental structure of a business essay, you’ll be able to write them easily and quickly.

Many factors go into constructing a successful one. However, the top tips provided below outline how to write a business essay that stands out from the crowd. 

Essential factors while preparing a business essay

  1. Draw a plan – When you choose a topic for your essay, you cannot directly start writing. Multiple thoughts may hit your ideas, and you may end up getting confused. It’s always better if you plan how you want to proceed with your essay.
  • Often students prefer to create a draft copy of their essay, where the outline is included. It works best, as you can constantly edit and change your ideas before taking them to the final step of writing.
  • It’s always better to consult with your professor about your outline to include the suggestions in your essay for better output.
  1. Avoid long Introduction – It’s common to elaborate whatever you write into extensive paragraphs. But when you are writing the introductory part for an essay, you cannot exceed more than one paragraph. 
  • It would be best to put the limelight on the essay’s purpose and your take on it.
  • As there is a word count limit, you need to write the introduction, just like a summary or a synopsis, of not more than fifty words. Readers often get bored if they do not find the introduction short yet exciting.
  • It’s tricky, but you can quickly write one if you decide what you want to write.
  1. Divide the segments – It’s good practice to sort out the parts of the essay, i.e. the body, into separate components. It will help you decide to put the points of your explanation in an organised manner.
  • Business essays often require case studies of recent modules and other developments to explain or present an opinion. 
  • Therefore, you should plot your points into separate parts and write according to the development of those points in a serial manner.
  • Dividing the segments will also help you score better, as examiners prefer an organised essay, including points highlighted in headings. It not only makes the paper presentable, but it also highlights the essential issues in brief.
  1. Apply formal tone – Writing a business essay is different from writing any other type of essay. That is why you must focus on your narrative’s choice of words and flow in writing.
  •  Experts suggest that you emphasise the formal tone of writing, as it’s the conduct followed in every business article.
  • You can check some popular business journals, magazines, newspapers and even sample papers from the library. They avoid the ornamental tone of writing and follow a formal style for expressing the business language.
  • Practising formal language in your writing helps in the long run, as it is applicable in almost every career.
  • So, even if you switch your choices, the formal tone you imbibed in your writing will help you score in interviews and any joint examination.
  1. Provide arguments with examples – Essays must include your opinions and arguments to give that personal tone as if it’s your point of view. Readers love to see conflict in the explanations, which provides open discussion.
  • Therefore, always provide examples to support your arguments when you write a business essay. It not only makes the writing more authentic, but it increases your chances of scoring better. 
  • Simply writing theories over-explanation is not what essays are meant for. It would be best to highlight your perspective to add your reasoning, as the essay will present your thoughts. 
  • Ensure that you add current articles and business developments in your reports and statistical figures to increase the level of depth in your writing.
  1. Include CTA towards the end – A business essay is meant to imply in real life. Your writing should convince the readers to act on whatever ideas you have put forward. As business essays are more constructive, your tone must appeal to the readers throughout your analysis.
  •  It is not directly manipulative, but a gentle hint of call to action can put meaning to the purpose of your essay.
  • Many students lose the enthusiasm to present a proper conclusion, and they write a short paragraph to end the essay. It would help if you avoided such tendencies, as they can affect the grades on your report.
  • The best thing you can do is, keep the purpose in mind, and when you come to a conclusion, try to write persuasively, to count your opinion.
  • Adding a ‘call to action’ in your essays increases readership quality and can create a long-lasting impact.
  1. Link the Cited Sources – Without providing an authentic record of your writing, you may fall for lawsuits in cases of plagiarism. Students often face trouble in their careers, failing to add references and citations in their work. 
  • You can avoid such calamities if you add citations between your text when you quote someone else’s statement, phrase etc. It is genuine that you often need someone else’s work to prove or defend your explanations and analysis. 
  • There are, in fact, different styles of citations, but you need to follow the one your professor suggests you apply.
  • You must take resources or references from only the safe and approved platforms by the universities.
  1. Proofread twice – Your essay may sound suitable when you are done, but you cannot be confident until you proofread your write-up. 
  • Proofreading will help you check if you have made any blunders or added points that do not connect to your essay. Often, while writing, students forget the limit of pieces of information they provide, thereby creating a conflict in the paper.
  • So, even if you are done proofreading by yourself, check through some online tools, or you can go directly to your professor to get feedback. This can work best in your proofreading.
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Parting words,

Business essays are the gateway to enter one of your dream business schools. If you can regularly imply these suggestions in your essay writing process and practice, none can stop you from succeeding in your career and you can also buy online essay.