The way to Change a Automobile Battery With out Dropping Settings?

I visited an area workshop for the tuning and oil change of my automobile. There was a big queue earlier than me, so I needed to wait within the resting space. I requested round concerning the purpose for the queue. 


It seems nearly all of the individuals are visiting workshops as a result of their automobile’s digital programs are fully disabled. I used to be curious that it couldn’t occur with out disturbance underneath a automobile hood. 

Upon additional investigation, I discovered they had been making an attempt to interchange their automobile battery. After I lower the facility, it shut all digital programs down. The reminiscence acquired reset, which triggered a singular safety protocol. I might disable this peculiar protocol system by getting into a selected code.

 So, throughout tuning of my automobile, I professional mechanic to inform me easy methods to keep away from triggering safety protocol whereas altering a automobile battery. He elaborated that it was a easy course of that may save money and time.

Steps to Observe Whereas Altering a Automobile Battery

Many individuals don’t understand you can change a automobile battery with out shedding system reminiscence. You’ll be able to conveniently change the battery at your property storage. Thus, it can save you your self from pointless car bills. It should additionally stop your automobile laptop system from malfunctioning. Following are the steps wanted to interchange the automobile battery adequately.

  • Keep in mind your security first. 

Whereas working with electrical gear, you will need to train correct cautionary measures. All the time placed on a pair of gloves, ideally rubber gloves.

In case of any leakage or seen harm to the battery, let an expert deal with it because it might trigger an accident. Know which cable shade is hooked up to which node. Make certain to do that process in a workspace free from sparks and electrical discharges. 

  • Put together vital instruments for the job. 
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Get all of the required instruments prepared earlier than beginning the battery removing course of. Put on eye safety and rubber gloves. Keep in mind to have an adjustable wrench that matches the bolts and some sorts of screwdrivers to deal with any screws.

  • Open the bonnet and find the battery. 

Batteries normally get positioned underneath the bonnet. You might also discover the batteries within the trunk or underneath the seat of some vehicles. Due to this fact, it’s best to seek the advice of the automobile manually if you don’t instantly spot the battery underneath the hood.

  • Put together secondary energy supply. 

The secondary energy supply is usually a donor battery or booster/bounce pack. Firstly, find an acceptable place for a secondary energy supply the place it might probably attain battery terminals. 

The aim of attaching a secondary supply is to supply fixed energy. It should stop energy from going out. Thus, laptop programs is not going to get reset.

 Now connect the secondary supply with jumper cables to the cables on the unique battery. Keep watchful of the colours on the crocodile clips and be sure that the black connects black and pink connects pink. Do verify by turning on the engine to see if it labored.

  • Take away the clamp that’s holding the battery. 

A clamp holds the battery. It could possibly both be on the base of the battery or throughout the top face of the battery. So, use an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolts on the clamp and get rid of it.

  • Take away your previous battery. 
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When you eliminate the clamp, you’ll not discover the battery held in its earlier place. Now, disconnect the hooked up cables from the battery and get rid of them. 

The secondary energy supply will nonetheless be offering energy to your automobile via cables, which is able to stop the digital system from resetting. 

While you take away lead out of your battery, be sure crocodile clips keep related to a secondary energy supply.

Place your new battery within the house offered. After connecting the leads into a brand new battery, join a pink cable with the constructive level on the battery. Afterwards, connect the black cable with the unfavourable terminal of the battery. Take away the secondary energy supply by disconnecting crocodile clips.

 Now, safe your newer battery by attaching the clamps and tightening the bolts utilizing an adjustable wrench which is able to maintain the battery firmly and securely.

 Begin your automobile to check whether or not you carried the entire process correctly. You’ll discover that digital programs might be working. Strive the radio to verify whether it is operational.

 If all is working usually, then congratulations, you’ve got efficiently changed your automobile battery with out shedding the settings of the digital system.

 You need to use your newer battery as a brief secondary energy supply. Simply comply with additional warning when eradicating the previous battery. 


Altering the battery of a automobile could sound like a difficult activity. Nonetheless, should you carry out all of the steps adequately with immediate security, chances are you’ll encounter promising outcomes. If you don’t prosper, I counsel exhibiting your automobile to an car specialist. 

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