Top 10 tips to Improve English Grammar

Learning English grammar is like playing a game. Once you know the tricks and the rules of the language, you get better at it. There are almost 1.5 billion English learners worldwide as of 2020. From Somalia to India and Russia, billions of students are eager to learn this language and become a pro. So how do you understand it? What are the tips and tricks you can apply to master this language or how to write a college paper? So hang on and learn about the tips and tricks to master this language to know more about it.


Ten tips to learn better English

  1. Be committed

Any activity requires commitment. Be it your job, your relationships, or your education. Therefore, make sure you are committed to learning English. Make a routine and try to abide by it. Once you start following and studying by practice, learning English will become a daily habit for you. Just like going to your university and your part-time job. Remember that breaking this routine will lead to procrastination. Therefore, try not to break it and divulge it into the world of English.

  1. Carry a grammar book

Keeping an English grammar book with you will help you immensely anywhere you want to. Whether you are on your way to your university or anywhere else, an English grammar book will not only help you to revise your covered chapters. It will also help you take a quick look into the tenses and the common phrases while communicating with the natives. If you have trouble carrying a hardcover, you can also carry e-books with you. They acquire lesser storage space and will hence not slow down your phone.

  1. Make use of a grammar application.
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Other than e-books, there are tons of grammar applications that could help you learn the English language as well. These grammar applications are informative, and they also have tons of word games that help you learn new English words through fun sessions. Applications such as Oxford English Grammar and punctuation, Basic English grammar, and English grammar tests are a few of the best English learning applications for you. The best part is you can avail of its services or paper writing service from anywhere to want to.

  1. Practice makes a student perfect.

Now, if you download these books and applications but rarely use them, would that magically help you learn the language? The answer is no. Therefore make sure you practice English with the help of these books and applications. There are various online and offline courses where you can enrol yourself and learn the language. They provide you with multiple materials and daily practice papers where you can practice your English grammar daily. These practice sessions improve your listening, reading, and writing skills. Thus you learn at every step of your English course. 

  1. New words? Learn them

Through these courses, another vital thing you will acquire is vocabulary. Therefore, keep a notebook or a diary with you and jot down the new words you learn every time to understand them. Set a target of learning twenty to thirty new words every day. Another great way to discover new terms is through the reading dictionary. Read them whenever you have time and learn not just new words but also their synonyms.

  1. Read in English

Reading in English is one thing that is a must if you want to master the English language. Read whatever you find. From different journals to blogs to books, reading is a must. You do not have to read William Shakespeare from day one, you can start with contemporary short stories, and the process will keep following. However, while you are at it, try and understand the tone of each author and try to figure out how they deal with the usage of grammar.

  1. Listen in English
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Along with reading, listening in English is also essential. You might think learning English is all about books, pens, and paper. But you are far from being correct. To become a master of any language, you need to adapt it like adapted your native language. Listening in English is one of the tiny steps towards it. Listening to English audiobooks and podcasts and closely listening to how they pronounce each word. Until and unless you listen to the English words you are reading, you might be able to spell them, but you will not pronounce them correctly.

  1. Watch in English

Watching in English is a fun process. And we are sure you will enjoy it. We all love watching movies and television series, don’t we? So try to watch English films and television series as much as possible. In the beginning, watch the movie with English subtitles to follow the dialogues and their pronunciation and understand the dialect of different English regions. Once you start understanding their inflexions and their way of speaking, then try to turn off the subtitles and try and understand their dialogues through their ways of communicating. This entire process will help you infinitely to master English speaking skills.

  1. Write in English

Writing is yet another necessary procedure that is helpful for your learning procedure. It not only helps you with your English grammar learning, but it also helps you with your writing skill and speed. For example, you can write your daily journals in English instead of your native language. Apart from that, while posting on Instagram and other social media, you can use English to post your thoughts. You can also use English as the primary language to your friends’ text messages while commenting on their social media posts. 

  1. Speak in English
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Last but not least, while you are at it, remember to speak in English all the time. It will help you massively with your spoken English. Speaking in English is the final step to your English grammar learning. It will help you to apply all the knowledge that you have learnt till now about English grammar. It will also help you to spread your learnt vocabulary in your sentences. That said, speaking in English also allows you to figure out the gaps in your English learning and helps you rectify them.

Parting words

The English language is enormously rich. This language has given us some of the finest writers in the world for coursework help. Without knowing the English language, we might not have been able to explore William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedies. Neither could we dive into the world of Pip in Great Expectations. Without knowing the English language, Harry Potter’s magical world would have been still locked to us, and we could not have discovered platform 9¾. So you can see for yourself, the English language is beautiful. Therefore, follow these simple tips, abide by them and become a pro at the English language.