What’s in your homemade facial oil

Skincare products are all too expensive and it is very difficult to find one that does not have harmful substances for your sufecial skin type. In that case, you can choose to make face oil yourself. Facial oil is easily made by mixing the right proportions of base oils and essential oils. You can then store this in cosmetic jars or a pipette dropper and it will look just like you got it from the store.

A base oil

As a base, you can use several types of oils, depending on your skin type. Important is that you choose a high quality produced oil, after all it is the base of your product. So cold, mechanically pressed, not refined / or obtained by adding solvents (enriched oil) and preferably organic. This oil is best used for dry, mature, oily, normal and acne prone skin. Argan oil keeps the skin supple and retains moisture. It does not clog the pores and is therefore also suitable for oily skin. You can also choose jojoba oil. This is good for dry, mature, oily, normal skin and acne prone skin. Jojoba oil is very easy to absorb. Like argan oil it contains a lot of vitamin E. It does not clog the pores, is anti-inflammatory, bacteria-killing and protects the skin from UV damage. If you have a somewhat drier skin, you can best choose apricot kernel oil. Apricot kernel oil penetrates the skin quickly, re-hydrates and strengthens the elasticity. Apricot kernel oil is also slightly anti-inflammatory which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

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Essential oils

Essential oils are oils with certain properties that you can add to your base oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, which should not be used undiluted and only in small quantities! For example, to make a 5ml bottle of oil, depending on the plant, between 1kg and 50kg of leaves or blossoms are needed. This is a huge amount. Essential oils should therefore always be diluted and should make up a maximum of 1-5% of your mixture! More is not better in this case, otherwise you may cause allergies. Again, the quality of the oils is very important. There are plenty of fragrance oils on the market. Fragrance oils seem to be the same as essential oils, but they certainly are not. For example, artificial fragrances are often used or real essential oils diluted with another oil, or cheaply produced refined oils are used. These oils contain none of the properties listed below and are certainly not good for your skin.